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          Culture Paper
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          Product Description:

          Main Brands and Varieties:

          1. Offset paper with all-wood pulp: BIYUNTIAN, CLOUDY MIRROR and CLOUDY LEOPARD
          2. Offset paper: CLOUDY LION, CLOUDY CRANE
          3. Light paper: CEDAR, GREEN PINE; Coldset paper
          4. Environmental writing paper, Book paper, Chaogan paper.

          Weight Range:


          Main Production Subsidiaries:

          Zhanjiang Chenming, Shouguang Light Coated Paper Mill, Shouguang Thermal Paper Mill, Wuhan Chenming, Jilin Chenming and Shouguang Special Paper Mill

          Characteristics of Products:

          High whiteness, good stiffness, high intensenty index, smooth surface, accurate registering and clear printing

          Range of Application:

          Suitable for printing publications, textbooks, magazines, covers, illustrations, notebooks, test papers, teaching materials, reference books, etc.

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